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Ink, Inventions, and Interstellar Science!

Today, delegates continued their first Directed Study block, went to seminars, and attended not one, but two guest lectures!

Delegates Richa Beher (MD) and Rachel Snyderman (DC) making earrings during seminar time

This morning’s lecture, Inventing Things with a few Case Examples by  Dr. David Hackleman, was an eclectic presentation that revealed the process of inventing and discussed the surprises and ramifications of inventions. Dr. Hackleman, part of a team that invented and delivered Thermal Ink-Jet printing to the world from Hewlett-Packard, shared his experience and passion for creating new things, hoping that the delegates would realize the potential in their own capabilities .

Dr. David Hackleman discussing thermal ink-jet printing

In the afternoon, delegates had the opportunity to participate in more seminars from Portuguese 101 with Hunter to Earring Making with Hallie. Also during seminar time, delegates had open Comp Sci to check email or social media and time to call home.

California delegate Grace Bower knitting during seminar time

Tonight’s lecture was by Dr. Maria Hamilton, Professor of Physics at Marshall University. In  A Cosmic Discover: The First Detection of Gravitational Waves, Dr. Hamilton explained what happens when two black holes collide, and demonstrated how gravitational waves are detected. Hamilton introduced the delegates to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO), which allowed us to hear the gravitational waves that come from the far reaches of space into the past that Galileo, Newton, and Einstein only dreamt of detecting.

Dr. Maria Hamilton
Dr. Maria Hamilton explains the electromagnetic spectrum

Directed Studies and Seminars Begin!

Today after breakfast, the 2016 delegates selected their first Directed Studies through a lottery system. Directed Studies (DS) are hands-on, interactive small group experiences. Lasting 60 to 75 minutes on each of three consecutive days, directed studies are frequently investigative in nature and provide opportunities for full student involvement. During the study, a presenter provides a model and a close guiding hand. The participants are able to pose questions, develop conceptual understanding through exploration, and draw conclusions.

Delegates Danielle Damon (NV) and Samantha Harper (NH) with Dr. David Hackleman extracting essential oils from plants.

Directed Study Block I:

Solvent Free Microwave Extraction of Essential Oils with Plants with Dr. David Hackleman Nat Sci
Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones with Dr. Rick Walker Rec Hall
Photovoltaic Power System Design (plus some other fun solar activities) with Mr. Jeff Gilbert Circus Tent
Holography with Dr. Ralph Oberly Men’s Bathhouse
Computational Protein Design: Making old proteins learn new tricks with Dr. Karla-Luise Herpoldt Comp Sci
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Aether: Radio Frequency Engineering with Dr. Mike Elsbury Phys Sci
Cancer: A Genetic Disease with Dr. Ximena Bonilla PAC
Screenprinting with Mr. Jordan Perry Art Shack
The Great Outdoors with NYSC Outdoor Staph The Great Outdoors

After DS’s and lunch, the delegates headed to afternoon seminars. Seminars are informal presentations or group discussions that provide an opportunity for interaction and sharing among the participants. Unlike a directed study, a seminar concludes at the end of a single meeting. The presenter may choose from a wide range of topics which may include technical subjects, hobbies, philosophies, and personal experiences. Generally guests are invited to present directed studies or lectures and volunteer to present seminars spontaneously. From Typography with Chalice to  Ultimate 101 with Jordan, delegates had the opportunity today to explore and investigate a wide range of program areas.

Staph Miranda Ella leading a seminar on American Sign Language (ASL)
Staph Miranda Ella leading a seminar on American Sign Language (ASL)

The day concluded with our first lecture at Camp Pocahontas: Paradise Under the Knife by Mr. Allan Daly.  Coupling science, technology, and the willingness to look outside his own sphere of existence, Mr. Daly shared his experiences in the Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands, encouraging  delegates to follow the roads that will help change this world for the better.

Paradise Under the Knife
Paradise Under the Knife with Mr. Allan Daly