Karla-Luise Herpoldt

karla-luiseherpoldtKarla is a senior research fellow at the University of Washington. After a physics degree at the University of Oxford, she had an identity crisis and decided to become a molecular biologist instead. Her research focuses on the computational design of protein nanoparticles for the delivery of chemotherapeutic drug molecules. She recently completed her PhD at Imperial College London, UK where she studied protein interactions for the design of HIV diagnostics. Aside from doing science Karla also enjoys talking about science – to anyone. She is very active in outreach and education programs and will talk to anyone who will listen about how great science is. Karla was a Germany delegate (with a strong British accent…) in 2006 and was on Staph in 2008, 2010 and 2011. Her favourite place in the whole world is being sat on top of Rocky Point and rants about how awesome West Virginia is, almost as much as she talks about science. She enjoys dance (and is often found dancing around her lab…) and is making the most of living in the Pacific Northwest by learning to climb (badly).