Jim Culberson

Jim was bjim-culbersonorn and spent his first 22 years in the flatlands of central Illinois.  He has no regrets about having passed on his first vocational choice (football coach and chemistry teacher!) and completed a biology degree at Illinois Wesleyan University.  He was attracted to Anatomy and to the (then) developing field of Neuroscience while a grad student at Tulane University.  He worked on early brain-behavior experiments using telemetry to stimulate and record from the brains of behaving animals, and studied feeding behavior in marsupials  His subsequent work has centered on understanding somatosensory systems in mammals, including a prolonged foray into development and maturation of spinal cord systems in opossums.   He has taught neuroscience/functional Neuroanatomy to medical students and residents at WVU School of Medicine for 46 years; he also taught neuro and human anatomy to dental students and other health care professionals in training.  He recently completed a stint as Visiting Professor teaching Neurobiology at Oman Medical College in Sohar, Oman, and as a recent retiree (as of June 2014), he continues work on a history of Anatomy at WVU.