Dr. Dave Masunaga

dave-masunagaDave Masunaga measures his life by a marker and that is his experience as a Hawaii representative to the NYSC in 1975 (the Camp’s first coed year). Before Camp he was born and raised in beautiful Hawaii and after Camp he left for the Mainland U.S. to study mathematics, plant physiology, Russian linguistics, and architecture at Northwestern and Harvard Universities. His interests have always been diverse, and Dave feels especially blessed to be able to pursue four things which bring him so much joy — mathematics teaching at Iolani School in Honolulu, teaching adult professional educators in new classroom techniques and technologies, pursuing his mathematical research in modeling convex polytopes, and lecturing at hundreds of professional meetings, institutes, and universities. Dave has numerous national awards for his work in mathematics and mathematics education and was the youngest person to be awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Education by then President Ronald Reagan in 1985. He fills his precious free time playing the oboe and English horn professionally and has played in Carnegie Hall twice, once soloing on the English horn. He recently served as a director of the world’s largest mathematics organization, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.