Dr. Alyson Wilson

alyson-wilsonDr. Alyson Wilson is a Professor in the Department of Statistics and Principal Investigator for the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences at North Carolina State University. Her research interest include statistical reliability, Bayesian methods, and the application of statistics to problems in defense and national security. She is the coordinator of NCSU’s Data-Driven Science cluster, which focuses on the development of interdisciplinary collaborations between statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Prior to joining NCSU, Dr. Wilson was a Research Staff Member at the IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute in Washington, DC (2011-2013), where she helped provide research support to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Before her move to Washington, Dr. Wilson was an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University (2008-2011). From 1999-2008, she was a Project Leader in the Statistical Sciences Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Prior to her move to LANL, Dr. Wilson was a senior statistician and operations research analyst with Cowboy Programming Resources (1995-1999), where she planned, executed, and analyzed Army air defense artillery operational evaluations. From 1990-1991, she was a mathematical statistician at the National Institutes of Health.