Peter Mehler

DSC_7749State/Country: Connecticut
Hometown: New Fairfield
High School: New Fairfield High School
College Plans: Middlebury College
Major: Physics
Professional Plans: Physicist
Interests: Gardening, Hiking, Music, Reading, Video games, Biking, Running, Traveling, Astronomy, Philosophizing

Press Release

CHARLESTON, WV – July 14th 2016 – Peter Mehler, a graduate of New Fairfield High School in New Fairfield, Connecticut represented his state at the National Youth Science Camp.  Mehler joined 102 other delegates from 48 states and 8 countries in the prestigious annual science program.  The National Youth Science Camp, located in the Monongahela National Forest near Charleston, West Virginia, integrates science programing with music, art and outdoor activities.

Each year, every state and several countries send up to two delegates, to the National Youth Science Camp.  Delegates attend lectures by science industry leaders, engineers, and researchers, but also participate in outdoor activities.  Delegates also have the opportunity to participate in directed studies where they gain individual hands on experience in fields they find interesting.

“For some reason, whether it be a lack of grade competition, or the unique nature of camp, almost everyone here cares about people, the world and general goodness,” said Mehler.  “I have met people who I will never forget and I have had experiences I will never forget.”

The National Youth Science Camp is operated by the National Youth Science Foundation. For more information, please visit Click the photograph below to download a high resolution version suitable for publication.

Mehler plans to attend the Middlebury College in the fall, to study physics.

Contact Information
John P. Giroir, Director, National Youth Science Camp – – 304-205-9724

National Youth Science Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 3387
Charleston, WV 25333-3387