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Follow the 2016 delegates on their adventures this summer. Stay tuned for more!

Farewell to the NYSC 2016 delegates!

Today, the 2016 delegates left for home and should be settling into their next big OCE (Out of Camp Experience). Soon photos and other fun media from camp will be posted on this site. All delegates will also be added to the alumni association group. We look forward to hearing about the accomplishments and successes of all of our new alumni.  Don’t forget the tradition of celebrating “firsts” and getting comfortable outside your comfort zones!

fly out
Leaving on a Jet Plane: NYSC Style!

Delegates, now scattered across the United States and the world, head to their bright future in colleges, sharing this unique summer experience. They lived in cabins together, went on challenging overnight experiences in each others company, and united as one delegation to learn deeply about the problems of the world. Environmental damage, disease, poverty, and hunger are just some of the problems these delegates must address, but these problems are left in enthusiastic and surprisingly powerful hands.

It’s been quite a journey NYSC 2016!

Though most wish that camp could last a forever, all good things must eventually come to close. Camp is temporary, but knowledge and friendships last a lifetime. Bye to all the delegates, hope you enjoyed camp!

West Virginia, Mountain Momma, Take Me Home, Country Roads

NYSC in Washington, DC!

Today the 2016 delegates and staph traveled to Washington, D.C., where they will be peregrinating to and around the nation’s capitol.  later in the evening the delegates walked around the National Mall Monuments, starting at the White House.

Delegates visiting the Washington Monument!
NYSC 2016 group photo at the Albert Einstein Memorial near the National Academy of Sciences!
Delegates checking in behind the White House!

Additional events for the the next few days include: Smithsonian Museum and Zoo tours, Case Studies in Science Policy by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a movie showing of Jurassic World at the National Harbor, and the Senate Luncheon.  The delegates will be heading back to camp on July 8th!

Visiting the M.C. Escher Exhibit in the National Gallery of Art!
Case Studies in Science Policy, organized by Dr. Amy Flatten with the American Physical Society and held at the  American Association for the Advancement of Science.
West Virginia Delegates Amy Pei and Drew Gupta at the Senate Lunchean with West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito
On the steps of the Supreme Court!
NYSC 2016 Senate Luncheon in the Kennedy Caucus Room
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rudy Tanzi (Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard University, Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH))

See the full NYSC DC Schedule here!

*Delegates should also have cell phone service if their phones work in the United States.

**We have a busy few days ahead of us; look forward to photos to be updated to this blog post in the coming days!

Delegate presentations and delegate seminars!

This morning delegates shared research they’ve worked on with their peers in a lecture environment. These delegate presentations are an exciting testament to the academic rigor and scientific competence the 2016 delegation possesses.

Delegate Presentation: Circadian Rhythms and Academics with Ms. Isabelle Hua

The afternoon consisted of staph and delegate seminars, from Photography 101 with Peter Gerstenberger to Creative Writing with Narisse Trippel.

Delegate Seminar: Martial Arts, the Physics, Study, and Mentality for Success with Mr. Dakota Loberger
Staph Seminar: Latin Dancing Part 2 with Lina!
Delegate Seminar: Hanging with your Chilean Friends with Mr. Nicolás Sepúlveda, Mr. Fernando Saldivia, and Mr. Matías Ramos

Tonight’s lecture was given by Mr. Freedom Dumlao, (Director of Engineering, Xively). In The Internet of Things  Mr. Dumlao discussed the IoT, a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.

The Internet of Things by Mr. Freedom Dumlao

Back from Overnighter #3!

The third and final overnight trips are done! In addition to the usual hiking, biking, climbing, and caving options, an additional group went to to NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory) and controlled a 40 foot telescope to observe hydrogen emission in our universe.

Overnighter Trip at NRAO
Sitting next to a waterfall on the Pig’s Ear Trail!
A beautiful view from Rocky Point!

Tonight’s lecture was given by Dr. James Berry, Professor of Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. In “Recycling Pharmaceuticals: Economics and the Environment,” Dr. Berry examined both the economic and environmental benefits of reducing the emission of “used” pharmaceuticals into the air and water using a cost/benefit analysis.

Dr. James Berry
Dr. James Berry: “Recycling Pharmaceuticals: Economics and the Environment”

End of Directed Studies #3

Today, the delegates finished up their last directed study block.  The morning lecture, “Getting ready to be “The Martian”: A One-Year Expedition on the International Space Station” was given by Dr. Julie Robinson (Chief Scientist, International Space Station, NASA). Dr. Robinson highlighted some of the most dramatic discoveries and benefits of the ISS, and how challenging the unknown keeps scientists and engineers on the cutting edge of discovery.

Dr. Julie Robinson
Dr. Julie Robinson: “Getting ready to be “The Martian”: A One-Year Expedition on the International Space Station”
Directed Study
Directed Study on Surgery!

In the afternoon, delegates had the opportunity to participate in seminars from Creek Sampling with Rachel to How to Make a Campfire with Gavin. Afterward, the delegates selected their last overnight trips in the outdoor lottery.

More posts to come July 1st – going on overnight trips again tomorrow!

Back from the Second Overnighter!

The 2016 delegation just returned from their second overnighter. Students went climbing, caving, biking, and hiking all over the woods in West Virginia. Hiking groups overcame high creek levels to succeed on the trails. Spelunkers and Climbers gripped wet rocks to conquer challenging routes. Albeit tired and road-weary, all overnight groups made it back to camp successfully.

Delegates enjoying a Rocky Point sunset
Stream crossings on the Allegheny Trail
Delegates posing for a group photo on the Seneca Creek hike
Brennen Murphy (LA) and Gregory Michajlyszyn (MI) navigating their way along the trails

“Chocolate Logic and the Nature of Science” was the topic of the evening lecture, by Dr. Paul Miller (Teaching Associate Professor of Physics at West Virginia University).  A former delegate, staph, and director of the National Youth Science Camp, Dr. Miller shared his knowledge on effective science education and the role of science and scientists in our society. 

Dr. Paul Miller (WVU)