Farewell to the NYSC 2016 delegates!

Today, the 2016 delegates left for home and should be settling into their next big OCE (Out of Camp Experience). Soon photos and other fun media from camp will be posted on this site. All delegates will also be added to the alumni association group. We look forward to hearing about the accomplishments and successes of all of our new alumni.  Don’t forget the tradition of celebrating “firsts” and getting comfortable outside your comfort zones!

fly out
Leaving on a Jet Plane: NYSC Style!

Delegates, now scattered across the United States and the world, head to their bright future in colleges, sharing this unique summer experience. They lived in cabins together, went on challenging overnight experiences in each others company, and united as one delegation to learn deeply about the problems of the world. Environmental damage, disease, poverty, and hunger are just some of the problems these delegates must address, but these problems are left in enthusiastic and surprisingly powerful hands.

It’s been quite a journey NYSC 2016!

Though most wish that camp could last a forever, all good things must eventually come to close. Camp is temporary, but knowledge and friendships last a lifetime. Bye to all the delegates, hope you enjoyed camp!

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