Delegate presentations and delegate seminars!

This morning delegates shared research they’ve worked on with their peers in a lecture environment. These delegate presentations are an exciting testament to the academic rigor and scientific competence the 2016 delegation possesses.

Delegate Presentation: Circadian Rhythms and Academics with Ms. Isabelle Hua

The afternoon consisted of staph and delegate seminars, from Photography 101 with Peter Gerstenberger to Creative Writing with Narisse Trippel.

Delegate Seminar: Martial Arts, the Physics, Study, and Mentality for Success with Mr. Dakota Loberger
Staph Seminar: Latin Dancing Part 2 with Lina!
Delegate Seminar: Hanging with your Chilean Friends with Mr. Nicolás Sepúlveda, Mr. Fernando Saldivia, and Mr. Matías Ramos

Tonight’s lecture was given by Mr. Freedom Dumlao, (Director of Engineering, Xively). In The Internet of Things  Mr. Dumlao discussed the IoT, a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.

The Internet of Things by Mr. Freedom Dumlao

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