Science, Seminars, and More Science!

Today was a very busy day for the 2016 delegation, as they had two lectures, their last day of this directed study block, and a very full seminar block.

Directed Study
Directed Study: Structural Biology in a Post-Genomic Era with Dr. Pam Twigg

The morning lecture, Why Stuff Falls Apart by Dr. Mac Louthan (Consulting Scientist, Savannah River National Laboratory) was a humorous, motivational lecture that discussed the six fundamental causes of failure of large engineered systems: deficiency in design, improper material selection, defects in materials, improper processing, errors in assembly, and improper service.

Mac Louthan’s Lecture: Why Stuff Falls Apart

From Alcohol Art with Emily Holmes to Personality Types with Kiona to Hanging with Johnny G, a wide variety of seminars were available this afternoon for delegates to explore.

Delegate Kimmet Piedra
Costa Rican Delegate Kimett Piedra Garbanzo making candy in the “Art, Ethics, and Science of Food” Directed Study

The evening lecture, by Dr. Walter Stromquist (Research Associate, Bryn Mawr College), discussed fair division problems from a mathematical perspective.

Dr. Walter Stromquist: “Mathematics of Fair Division”

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