As Directed Studies End…Overnighters Begin!

Today, the 2016 delegates learned about “Life Lessons Learnt in the Laboratory” from Dr. Karla- Luise Herpoldt of University of Washington.  In her lecture, Dr. Herpoldt urged delegates to explore across the boundaries of the education system that separate biology, chemistry, physics, and math.

Dr. Karla-Luise Herpoldt: Life Lessons Learnt in the Laboratory
Directed Study: Photovoltaic Power System Design with Mr. Jeff Gilbert

Seminars were once again held by various staph members, including, but not limited to: Creek Sampling , Dance-Dance-RevolutionHammocking 101, and Star Wars Trivia.  The delegates also received their outdoor orientation, which included how to: put together tents, use a portable stove and water filter, and make “phone calls” here in the National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ).  Just after dinner, they selected their overnight trips, which included: hiking, biking, climbing, and caving.

Delegate Nicolás Aguerre (Argentina) in Directed Study

Cancer is Smart, can we be Smarter?  by Dr. Rick Walker, Instructor in Human Anatomy, Marshall University, was the evening lecture topic.  He discussed a variety of topics relating to treating cancer and why we may not necessarily want to cure cancer.

Dr. Rick Walker
Dr. Rick Walker, (1964 Delegate!) sharing his knowledge from 40 years as a cancer surgeon

Due to overnight trips, look out for the next update on June 21st!

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